Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taking Shots From Places You Can't Reach

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Taking shots from places you can't reach
If you're a Hunter or a Shaman then your in luck, you have the ability Eagle Eye or Far Sight respectively. Like myself you get these abilities early on and forget about them. They allow to select an area and your viewport is moved to there. You can only use this ability outdoors of course. Just remember to zoom in so you don't get the so you don't get the swirling golden light effect in all your shots. And once again a shot I took with the ability.

I hate it when I read posts like this because it reminds me of how noobish I am when it comes to vanity type spells. For example, there are times where I forget I have sentry totem, underwater breathing, and far sight! Now I'm super excited to take pics next week during the photowalk! New perspectives!


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