Saturday, November 07, 2009

Swamp of Sorrows


Old Azeroth Photowalk was a lot better at 11am central today than at 9am. I was a lot more awake and able to function my brain. It also helped that we moved from Westfall from the last photowalk to Swamp of Sorrows.

It’s a much more visually interesting zone. However, as we strolled through the joint, it’s apparent there are still not many quests to be had out there.


We did stumble upon a few more alliance quests scattered about but not enough to make it worth coming out here to quest while leveling. At least, not enough to tempt me.


I’m unsure of this zone being touched during the great Cataclysm. Without this zone, Blasted Lands doesn’t have as much of a visual impact. It’s great being able to see the before and after of the area between the two zones after the Dark Portal and the resulting horde rampage into Azeroth.


Next week we head to the Blasted Lands. :)

11am central. Boulderfist PvP US Alliance. /join oldazeroth

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