Monday, April 07, 2008

1 day of raiding

I've noticed that the less I get on WoW, the less drama I have to deal with. LOL.

Anyhow, I'm actually learning to deal with it all better..mainly by just becoming indifferent to people's retarded complaints.

I've actually been quite proud of our guild. We're doing very well with one day of progression per week. We only raid on Saturday's from 10pm-12pm (sometimes 1am)

This week was our first week to get Gruul/Mag/Hydross down. Once we start to one shot each of those bosses, I'm going to see if we can't move on to one shot either Lurker Below or Void Reaver. Probably Lurker Below.

In time, I hope that everyone in our guild will no longer need loot from Gruul's Lair and we can skip it all together and add two more bosses to our plate.

It's amazing really because you always think that progression requires multiple days per week but somehow this group is managing. Obviously we have our limitations and we'll eventually be limited by time but it's still nice that casual players can see a little of new content.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm not sure how you can do it. The few times I've went to Kara with my guild, it usually takes us 3 ~ 4 hours to make it to Curator on the first night, then another 3 ~ 4 hours from there to make it to Prince. In fact, I've never fought Nightbane or Netherspite because we always run out of time! Kudos to you and your raid organization skills!

- Neil

Unknown said...

Nice going on Gruul and Maggy. Have you tried ZA? That place is meant to be done fast so it's ideal for people with limited time.

Alachia said...

yeah. we've cleared ZA four times now. The only problem we have with ZA is that the guild also schedules two Kara runs per week as well (to help gear people for the 25 man raids).

As soon as people stop needing gear from Kara, we can devote more time to farming ZA and getting it down to 3 hours like Kara.

Although I hear that good BT geared groups clear ZA in 1.5 hours. Holy crap! hehe.

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