Monday, April 21, 2008

Trans-Server Flight

I was just thinking today of the vast network of people who play the World of Warcraft. And much like the vast network of people across the world, we are separated pretty distinctly by zones of existence.

America...Europe....Asia, etc vs PvP, RP, PVE

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a frequent flyer mile pass you could use like once a month or so to go visit other areas of "our world" ?

I'd love to be able to visit other friend and characters not on Boulderfist. Of course, I understand the potential snags of cross-server visitation. You'd have to be able to control any influx of gold to the server as well as any item smuggling. :) Also, hiring of people to boost your arena team or do a raid guide might give certain factions an advantage over others.

But still, if in the global "real" world we're able to figure out rules and regulations to make it possible, I don't see why WoW can't figure something out as well.

"Uh, sir? We're going to have to inspect you're [traveler's backpack]. Smuggling [Blackened Basilisk] is illegal. You could face a 10 day ban"


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