Thursday, April 03, 2008

5k gold in less than 5 weeks???

So I got this crazy idea to go on a gold farming spree.
What if I did roughly 31 daily quests for 5 days a week using two characters?
31quests x approx 10g = 350g
310g x 5days = 1550g
1550g x 3.3 weeks = 5115g

5115g = my druid gets epic flight form
Do I have the discipline? We shall see.

And if I can get multiple people to join in too, they should go a lot faster.

Skettis x2 characters
1. Fires over Skettis
2. Escape from Skettis

Blade's Edge x2 characters
3. The Relic's Emanation
4. Banish More Demons
5. Bomb Them Again
6. Banish More Demons

7. Cooking Quests x2 characters

Sunwell x2 characters
8. Blast the Gateway
9. Blood for Blood
10. Gaining the Advantage
11. The Multiphase Survey
12. Sunfury Attack Plans

Netherwing Ledge x1 character
13. Netherdust Pollen
14. Netherwing Crystals
15. Picking up the Pieces
16. Dragons are the Least of Our Problems
17. The Booterang: A Cure For The Common Worthless Peon
18. Disrupting the Twilight Portal
19. The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid


NerdNinjaMan said...

I've tried something like this multiple times...but I end up seeing something nice on the AH or using it for another character. Good luck to ya!

Starman said...

I'm currently thinking about using all three of my 70's to farm, just to make money for an epic mount for one of my characters. It's already a few days and I have over 600g (and that's after repairs and buying a few things from the AH). The quests are REAL easy to do.

However, I worry that something massively expensive is coming...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You will probably make more money if you do regular quests that you did not do when leveling. Some of those are worth 12-25 gold.

I'm curious how much time this costs you; doing these quests. :)

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