Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dual boxing Shamans...Sorta

Can you tell which ones are shamans in disguise? LOL.
Cute quest with a little shout out to Metal Gear
What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets...


Maclort said...

Alachia... being a shaman... in a shoebox.

I just can't imagine it tbh..

After all the Shaman hatred.

Jason said...

Hi! Long time no....listen?

Actually I have been listening just not posting in a while, I hope all is well...glad to see you're still enjoying the game. I'm still playing my Shammy, went resto spec recently and I can't stand it! I rolled a mage and I just hit 66 with her, also working on a warrior...33 or 34 now I think...what an addict.

Anyhow I see you're playing a Shammy now yourself! You owe me an apology for all the horrible shammylicious thing's you used to say... :(

Just kidding, keep making the shows and I'll keep on listening.

Hope all is well.


Alachia said...

yeah. shamans are great. I don't call them shamans anymore though.
I call them Mr. and Miss. Come with Hit Rating

I can not believe how much hit rating is built into their talent specs. It is ridiculous.

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