Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Keeping Drama in Check

I got this email from a fellow guildy the other week. I pretty much got biotched out cuz they were pissed that they didn't make the raid and they thought I somehow did it on purpose. Like there was some spite in my reasoning.

At the time, the priority was first come/first serve so it was pretty obvious...or so I thought. Then I got a complaint about gear checks for the raid. Because apparently some people think it's okay for DPS to go into 25 man raids with 0 hit rating and less than 500 bonus damage.

Sure. whatever.

But the part that has bothered me the most about raid expectations is the complete and utter disregard to the other 18 people in the guild who have struggled for months to get geared and improve their craft. The whole "expect to be carried" things just annoys the crap out of me.

"My gear is okay. It's all green but it's okay. I have no hit rating but I've been in the instance before so that should make up for it. Oh...and btw, I can't ever do Kara cuz I don't have time"

-----and yet it's somehow my problem.

Yet you have to be careful about how much of their problem becomes the guilds problem. I don't want my drama to be the guild's drama. If everyone in the guild had to hear what I have to hear, they'd all just quit playing all together.. and that would be the exact opposite of the reason we started raiding in the first place.

On a more positive note. We have now downed High King, Gruul, Mag, and Hydross. Not bad for a guild that only raids 2 hours per week. :D


ronbo said...

At least you got an email after the fact. Worse is when you're bombarded by pissed off whispers DURING the raid, demanding to know the hows and whys of every decision that went into deciding the raid makeup.

The Fake Sangai said...

How is it that someone who hasn't the time for Kara has the time for 25 mans?

Not to mention the craftable rares/epics for each class. The blues may not be the best in game but they're still good.

IMO uber players are uber on their own steam. A casual player who usually does not have the time for instance will seek to obtain the best crafted/BoE/Rep gear and value for money enchants/gems.

Some people do like to be hand-held a little though and I would make available the above alternatives (without the farming, why spoon-feed as well?).

If they don't bite, then /gkick is an alternative.

wowcast said...

ronbo. I get those too.
half the time, I can't start the raid because I'm so busy trying to answer people's questions and gripes.

I've gotten to the point where I've set people up to help me organize the raid.

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