Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas comes early!

Wrath to be released November 13th

I for one have been begging for this day to come since May whenever I found out about the 10 man raiding content. Although I had wished it was more like 15 man content, I'm fine with anything less than 20.

What this means? NOT having to BEG people to raid with us anymore. NOT having to settle for complete jerks and scrubs to help you progress. Finally being able to see new content at a reasonable pace. I am SOOO very excited.

Finally being able to prove to everyone that you don't need gear or an a-hole jacktard yelling at you to be a kick @ss player.

Also, getting to explore new content again is something I've longed for ever since I first came across Nagrand for the first time. It really took my breath away. I have no doubt Northrend will do the same.

Thank you Santa for bringing Wrath early this year. It could not have come sooner.


Dustin said...

Do the guys from Cykos read your blog?

wowcast said...

like most of my guild, they don't know about my podcast.. or so I think. heh.

snape said...

haha, it would be funny to see their reactions.

wowcast said...

of course, I'm not just referring to cykos here. that should be clear. and if that doesn't get me into more hot water, I don't know what will...

Blodwin said...

Well to take it out a bit further - yes this will be a welcome release for many many casuals out there. The Hardcore progression raiders out there can go f*ck themselves IMO.

Having said that I have this weird feeling that this feels like the death knell of WoW. If they don't seriously innovate by next expansion then they are going to be doomed. At lest as a bleeding edge game. I think WoW will become a retirement home for gamers.

The flipside of that though is that all the stupid fecking wannabe PvPtards will go play Warhammer. I don't mind PvP but the griefers on a PvE server who just kill NPCs fo rsh*ts and giggles get on my pecs.

Mercot said...

I'm not a PvP wannabe fecktard, but I'm definitely playing me some Warhammer tonight :D

Still totally excited for Wrath, but I can see an eventual transition to WAR for me, especially after the (casually accessible) Northrend content is done. 'Course I'm going to try and take it very slow this time and not race to the level cap in three weeks.

And BTW, interesting tidbit on how griefers like Goon Squad may actually find WAR a bit frustrating:

Morgan said...

and actually she meant to say that cykos is the reason why JAE has not imploded. we owe everything to them really.

1 <3 mother russia

celticlucas said...

I had a chance to play in the beta before it became bogged down with too many players, and from what I can tell, this expansion will re-write the definition of WoW. The artwork alone is a return to the majesty that is vanilla WoW. It's because of this that I'm excited for the expansion. If I hadn't gotten a chance to see the content, I probably wouldn't be as excited.

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