Monday, September 29, 2008

Kodo Waddle

On the 19th and final attempt of my group, my kodo mount fell tonight! I really love the bongos on the back of the saddle or are those beer jugs? lol. Who knows. But I really love how fast they waddle from side to side. They're a lot like Elekks but without the fear of heights involved. heh.

Each boss kill for us is usually around 45 seconds but summoning and inviting alts takes like 5 minutes, not to mention having someone configure buttons. :P So I'm glad to be finally done with Adventures of Drunk Dwarf Slaughtering.

Now onto a new mount! mwahahaha. We've made two solid attempts to get the bear boss in ZA (the timed chest event). Last Friday, we had our paladin DC three times during the attempt. Tonight, we had one stray add group pull and a bad positioning on Phoenix boss otherwise we would have had it! We were less than one minute off from getting it! So close.

It is rather nice though to have a new goal before the expansion. Also, it'd be great for to be able to get this achievement as it won't be available once the expansion comes out. Someone said they might take the bear mount reward away in an upcoming patch. I hope not. We need more time!


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