Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fat Lady Sings

I ended the joint raiding today. I'm so happy. It was like trying to break up with someone honestly, very awkward and uncomfortable. In the end though, it was for the best. A few of our guys aren't interested anymore and he's constantly bringing new people.. so we've really lost our core.

Without a core group, progression raiding is worthless. And he asked me if we wanted to go back and do SSC instead, I was like what for?? This wasn't about hanging out together, it was about progressing.

He was not happy and I'm sure he made sure his entire guild hated us for it..but I'm not really phased. He told me I should skull-f..k my guys and get a hold of my guild. LOL. It was like talking in circles.

I'm just so happy though. We had a good run, we accomplished a lot. I'm proud of my guys and I'm sorry he didn't take the same thing out of it. I guess that's the difference between raiding for the experience and raiding for bragging rights.

I'm really looking forward to the expansion and am not sure what I'm going to do to prepare for it. I kind of wanted to keep everything fresh for the launch date but now I'm thinking it won't hurt to take a peak. :)


Eric said...

Noooo...don't be tempted! I'm holding out since everyone and their dog has a beta key.

I want that excitement of opening up the box, installation and that first launch.

Not the "Oh I wonder if this and that made it into the final?" and the "Oh let me start a death knight again since everything I did in beta is gone"...etc.

And sorry to hear about the break-up. My guild has completely stalled on the raiding since the announcement of the xpac release date...and WH isn't helping either.

Gravin said...

Well I'm glad the joint raiding ended on an up note for ya. Obviously I was never into it myself but I loved watching from the sidelines as y'all progressed and it was neat to see guildies walkin around in T5/6 :D

My only question for the expansion is... Are we gonna get to brave another ice storm in the middle of the night to pick it up?! :D

wowcast said...

I think there's a EB Games at I-35 and Slaughter in the Southpark Meadows shopping center I'm gonna pre-order from this time.

GameStop #5252
Southpark Meadows Sh
9300 S IH 35

And I will be there come rain, ice, snow, or hail!!!! woot!

snape said...

ha, not much to brag about for downing a few bosses in BT at this stage of BC. i'm with you, raiding for the sake of progression is much cooler.

so what's going to replace my "raids of our lives?" =)

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