Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Twit Expand: What Constitutes Contributing

So I asked this in Twitter:
Does anyone really enjoy gearing out people who don't contribute anything to the raid?

nofax1 replied: F-CK NO!

obiwanadobe replied: I would say no except I know at some point I was that guy. I guess the question would be what constitutes a contribution

celticlucas replied: they won't be able to contribute until they get geared... Catch 22.

Thanks for the replies. I really throw this question out there from being frustrated with the repeated abuse of good guilds. Too many times there are established guilds who bring up characters into a cushy silver-spoon existence. They never have to experience progression, they never have to bother learning their class, they never have to bother with flasks or consumables.

They just simply show up and stand there until loot falls. Of course, they always do it under the guise of "hanging out with friends and family"...
So yeah, it's hard to be critical when your guild supports that attitude of community and friendship..etc.

However, at some point, you just feel so sponged and used, you just want to scream, "NO MORE! HELP YOURSELF FOR ONCE!"

And it's not like I don't want to help people because I really do. I enjoy seeing people grow in this game. I love being able to share their experiences from total awe at new content to total pwnage on the dps charts.

What really gets under my skin though is people who take established raids for granted. Those who feel like they need to only come for two or three runs until they get their loot and then don't bother to help out the rest of the raid. And even one step further, ask to bring their next alt in for loot knowing full well they have no intention to help progression.

Yes, I understand having loot is nice and dandy but do you really need it just to have it? Isn't it okay to take a step back and say "I'm obviously only here to hang out every once in awhile, let me do the best I can with what I have" ???

I guess there's this general alt theory going around that as long as you kind of can play each class, you should roll as many alts as possible. That somehow, the priority isn't in perfecting and really maximizing your class but rather getting as much loot on it as possible and moving to the next.

It's a shame too because just a little bit of time and practice (with OR without the gear), I believe MOST people can do really, really well with a little direction and a lot of motivation.


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