Friday, September 19, 2008

No Rush to 80

Thank you Sayomara for linking this article to me.

Hopefully Blizzard does something to notify the masses that the race for no-sleep/all-play is off. hehehe. So according to this wowinsider article, they are taking away the "first" titles in the game, including professions.

They're concerned for their player's health and of course people rushing through the content. This is a great load off my mind as now I get to kick back and enjoy questing again. :D

We haven't had a static 5 since ....the dawn of time! LoL. I look forward to it a lot. Warrior, Mage, Lock, Shaman, Druid??? Maybe...


Fabrício said...

hey Alachia!
Yeah, i heard about this news a bit while ago, and im happy they made this change. I mean, im okay with people getting there first and etc, but Blizzard surelly wanted to make sure people actually wanted to see their content they worked so much for it, and not just skip it mindless to 80 :)
Im a bit fan of yours :) please, have a podcast up and share some more of your funny momments like that one of you and your friend doing dailies in Queldanas and getting ganked? Just a suggestion! It was really funny.

Take care!!
(im also following you on twitter! super_fabricio)

Blodwin said...

I'm glad they removed this - partly because I hated the hunter title it must be said. I don't want to be labelled a stalker thanks... But anyway, I think another part of it was that if you missed out, even by 30 mins then you have not only rushed through the content which is bad but you have done it for nothing.

Having said that, I think most people will be 80 by Christmas. If not by the new year with all the time off.

Fabrício said...

I wonder what title was for warlocks.. in case they still existed.. ?

Cylena said...

Bah! that will teach me to respond to posts without reading all of them first :)

Anonymous said...

I've always been one to enjoy the seems to me that Bliz programmers put a huge amount of work into the details, and I don't want to miss a thing.

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