Thursday, March 27, 2008

More waiting

Sheesh Blizzard. Way to be a tease!
Apparently the event is a three phase release of the NPC we all are dreaming of.

5 days for one stage. Given variance, let's say it takes a week.

Stage 1-2: 1 week
Stage 2-3: 1 week
Stage 3-unlock anvil: 1 week

3 weeks seems about right for high pop servers.

shucks. oh well. more time to horde badges!


Armando said...

Hi, Im new in your podcast, but let me tell you that I liekd a lot your last episode. I am chilean living here in USA, and I can tell how people here had lsot the humman touch. I miss it, but what us curious ius that while living in Chile i disliked it, too much people together, puching your shoulder at the grocery store and not respecting your square meter (or foot). Well interesting. I agree that Internet comunity systems/games are a tool to comunicate with each other, and not an isolating thing like television.

There is my feed back, thats the great about this eh?

take care

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