Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bindpoint Convo: History Class

So we were talking in Bindpoint about US History class and the lore came up. It became quite clear how uneducated we were about Warcraft Lore. I thought to myself how much I miss taking history classes (basically learning really cool stories that happen to be true). It'd be really neat if we could hold a Lore class in WoW. I'd definitely attend. It would be a great interactive thing for wow-zens to do to further immerse us into the game. Any Lore experts out there?? :)

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[Alachia] social studies is history right?
[celticlucas] Sure is :)
[Martin] Pretty much. Incorporates some political science and civics, if I remember right.
[Alachia] I USED to be great at history.
[Alachia] all that thas slipped out of my brain
[Alachia] replaced instead with mp5 and spirit calculations and boss strats in Black Temple
[Alachia] oh well.
[celticlucas] I can tell you my +spell damage, but the 15th president? yeah, no. lmao
[[Alachia] I can tell you what major accomplishments Thrall did, but wtf is John Locke?
[Alachia] lol
[Martin] He's a character on Lost.
[Alachia] LMAO!!!!!
[Kitch] ok...what are Thrall's major accomplishments
[celticlucas] ... damn, was too slow lol
[Alachia] Thrall's accomplishments: banging Jane Proudmore and getting her head cut off
[Alachia] that guy was awesome
[Alachia] all right kitch got me, my lore history needs some brushing up too
[Alachia] do you teach a class on Horde Lore, Ms. Morgan?
[Kitch] Thrall is horde, you know.
[Alachia] yes. I know
[Kitch] j/k
[Alachia] He's the ugly orc I follow around in Durnholde instance
[Martin] Thrall is the greatest hero in WoW.
[Alachia] he goes blah blah blah and then I get to kill this really cool dragon.
[Kitch] if the instance isn't bugged, yeah
[Alachia] you see, this is what happens when TC stops doing wow lore episodes
[Martin] Heh.
[Morgan] i could if you
[celticlucas] there's an idea... WoW University
[Alachia] I only know wow lore up to Sargeras
[Morgan] thrall is also the budding center of eastern williamson county academia as
[NewKetchup] Yep Alachia, Thrall's a noob - always breaking cc
[Alachia] I'd take the class
[Alachia] we could hold it in a neutral town
[Alachia] like the thunderdome in gadget
[Alachia] lol
[Morgan] lol
[Alachia] not a bad idea
[Alachia] just need to find a lore expert
[celticlucas] the only lore expert I ever knew is now off in Warhammer land pretending to not like WoW anymore lol
[Alachia] :(

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