Thursday, August 28, 2008

Response to Comments-Raids of Our Lives

In some ways I do tend to hold off on a lot of my complaints. However, I don't think I fester all that much. I just recognize that most people in this game have their flaws. I try not to focus on the negative for too long which is why I've been able to deal with joint raiding for so long.

It's not that it's terrible by any means. Regardless of having to deal with childish people off and on, I simply just love to raid. I love the challenge of figuring out the fights and coordinating all the playing a virtual game of chess.

I love seeing the content and for once, I feel like I've really been able to experience all of the game. More than anything, I always felt like I missed out on a lot of the game by never pushing past Blackwing Layer pre-TBC.

This time around, I'm very glad and think it was worth the sacrifice to get to see and experience what I have.

The reason I posted Raids of Our Lives, the saga of Jae and Cykos, is to be honest about what it's like to raid. I want to share my ups and downs because I really don't believe it's always up, up, and up.

Not only do we coordinate raiding 25 man content with mostly "casual" players but we do it with another guild. When I had to have my huge talk with the GM of Cykos, I kept saying that we have every reason to be proud of what we've accomplished. For two small guilds to push together like this through later content is really unheard of...or rare I'd say. It's hard enough to run one guild through raids, let alone two!

And it takes an enormous amount of will power and patience to make it through some weeks, I won't lie. However, we have had our good days and regardless of emotional ups and downs, we've actually kept up progression. Two nights a week, 3 hours each night. That's a far cry from the 8 hour raid days back in 40 man content. hehe.

It goes up and down, that's the nature of conflict and conflict resolution. I actually had spoken with the cykos GM several times about the problems we have had with that particular person. I'm always honest about problems I foresee. However, he and I both don't always have the ability to fully control all of our members. We do the best we can. In this particular case, we tried to curb the situation so much that apparently it blew up back in our faces.

That personal attack he made was probably due to the slow repression he was getting from being gradually disciplined. As much as I wish I could mind control everyone, it's just not the possible. duh! Everyone knows you can only mind control one person at a time. lol.

As far as BT goes, I like it a lot. It is dark which is a stark contrast from Hyjal which I also enjoyed. High Warlord Naj'entus is a pretty impressive boss to behold for the first time. I particularly like that the instance crosses between indoor and outdoor environments. We've only made it to the 'BT Easy 3' but this weekend we are probably going to attempt Gorefiend! mwahahahah.

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Dustin said...

Alachia- I have recently joined a BT/Hyjal guild who has 2 down in SWP. I was hugely undergeared for them, but I've worked my butt off, got into raids when they let me and have been getting respectable gear in order to do my job well (Feral Druid). Interestingly there was another person applying to the guild, a DPS Warrior who I've been on a couple runs with. Not knowing me, he was extremely condescending towards me in a Hyjal raid where I forgot what to do during a fight. I responded to him indifferently and he just simply told me that I don't have to be an a$$hole. A complete overreaction and I was about to tell my newly made bunch of Druid buddies. But I stopped, and just kept playing and waited. Pretty soon he was arguing with anyone, and they weren't happy about it. In this instance I simply let him show who he was to the guild, I didn't have to say anything. He was quickly put in his place and is now really quiet with never a negative thing uttered. I liked the outcome of that, I see that you didn't know others saw this guy you were talking about to be an extreme jerk. Even though they knew, you still had to push them to finally do the right thing. You were a catalyst of change they were hoping for because they couldn't stand up and take that role. Good job is all I can say, enjoy your won freedom.

-Ligon from Metatalks

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