Friday, March 20, 2009

Dusk at Dustwallow

(Wallpaper-Dustwallow Marsh)

I wish it weren't so long because then it'd be perfect. (TWSS!) Dustwallow Marsh is definitely one of my favorite places to go now while leveling.

Sometimes after the dust settles and I'm getting play my alt in my own little world, I head off to Dustwallow which I have never tackled before since they added all the quests. It's amazingly huge and filled with a crap ton of quests! LOADS! I've been doing the quest since I was level 37 and am now 41 and it seems like I have a lot left! That's quite unusual for a zone I think except for maybe STV.

The only drawback to the zone is that it's shaped oddly long and requires you to ride a great distances to get back to town. I feel like I might be missing a new flightpath or something. However, it's really nice leveling in another swamp like land, a great precursor to Un'Goro which I can't wait to get back to again.

Also, from the wallpaper picture, you can tell how beautiful it is to see dusk from Theramore.


Piper said...

There is a new flight point at Mudsprocket, but that's the only new one.

I will say that my favorite quest in the zone is planting a flag of defiance at a certain personage's home. :)

Zach said...

Yus. And killing the minor spawn. That was also very nice. Idk. Sleep deprivation=fun.

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