Monday, March 23, 2009

Tabard, Gnomes, Eggs, and Milkshake

Back to wearing my [Sporeggar Tabard]. I have finished my four tabard reputation grinds for Northrend. Wyrmrest, Kir'Tor, Ebon Blade, and Argent Crusade exalted if that gives you any indication of how many heroics I have run. lol.

Last night we were trying to catch Tivi up on the Glory of the Hero achievement. She's only missing the easysauce ones now so it's pretty easy. Having a static six group does have it's drawbacks like having to do everything twice but having the flexibility of an extra member has also been nice. Plus, she's awesome. My favorite little thing to do to her now is to pull out a noncombat pet and feed it the biscuits to make it larger and put it next to her. "MY pet is bigger than you!" lol. It's cute.

Also this weekend I finally got revered with the Oracles. So I am not the proud owner of a baby [Reins of the Green Proto-Drake] which will hatch in seven days. I got my first [Mysterious Egg] last night and can't wait for it hatch. The Drake is supposed to be a 1% drop rate of course though.

Last week, a guildy got his first egg and said "It's going to be so awesome when I get my green proto drake" and we all said "keep dreaming" and "enjoy your yolk". Seven days rolled around and his egg hatches and out comes a GREEN PROTO DRAKE! gah!! lucky SOB! He called it and it happened!

I picked up my alt hunter a few weeks ago. HELLO LOVER! I absolutely love this class but to be more specific, I <3 my Gorilla. I named him BabyJae but I think I will be renaming him to Milkshake soon. So I can spam a macro going "My Milkshake brings all the horde to the yard! Damn right! It's better than yours! I'd feign death but I'd have to charge!"

Having a pet is so OVER POWERED. I feel invisible at times. I'm almost sure I'm not even playing the hunter right. I'm spec'd BM but am pumping out only 80dps right now at level 44. Something seems off. However, my gorilla has been making up for it.

It's bloody brilliant. I sit there collecting quest items while he just is bangin' at the mobs for me. I love it! Sometimes I'm checking over my shoulder because I'm like "how is this not an exploit!"

I've decided I wanted to roll her up to 80 to become my ultimate farming toon..just so I never have to quest alone again. It's weird. It's the first character I actually have quite a delight in playing. I look forward to roaming around Azeroth meh pet. The only downside right now is dealing with no flight paths and having crappy gear. This is the first pet class I've actually taken on for realz and I'm sort of glad or else I would never have given up my gorilla to become a healbot. lol.


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