Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Don't Have an Eternity...

...that's the damn truth. we only have till' 3.1 comes out!

This week we set out to do [The Undying] again. We cleared Construct wing fine and Military. Then we got to Heigan the Unclean which we normally NEVER have anyone die but for some reason this week it went downhill.

It was one of those series of events that just avalanched into total failure. First right before his teleport and the main dance, our rogue had a huge lag spike. His character started jetting out straight for the fissure. We were spamming him with heals to recover as he got hit with a wall. As the dance began, his lag issue seemed fine.

However, just as we were making it to one side of the room, one of our mages got hit and panicked. He slammed his iceblock key which confused the healers. Once you start a healing rotation up that's not just for minor spike ends, you can get easily thrown from your dance rhythm. Suddenly, everyone was sort of in a panic and people weren't moving at their normal pace trying to spot heal everyone who was spiking. Eventually, someone totally lost count and died. It was a panic snowball attack.

It's so frustrating too because this isn't a boss we normally ever have an issue with...just lost control somehow. lol. the plus side is that once we die, we don't have to continue with Naxx since we don't need anything out of there anymore.

So we headed over the Flying Dragon Game of Suck to hit up our [You Don't Have An Eternity] Achievement. We went with 1 healer (disc priest), 1 tank (Prot pally), and 8 DPS. I respecced elemental and only healed after the first vortex drop in phase 1 and right before Malygos breath in phase 2.

It took us 9 attempts but we got it with 6 seconds left to go! So glad to not have to go back there again. Now we're just down to Undying and 3D Sarth, Twilight Zone. Good times.


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