Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(walllpaper-borean tundra)

With about five or six people whispering me during raids, people being late, people leaving early, and O-chat blowin' up, I'm always usually mentally tossed by the end of raid nights. It's nothing much to complain about in terms of dealing with the usual blah blah blah.

So it's always refreshing to find a mindless task to do after the raid to wind down. Sometimes I'm super productive and get in a good run of daily quests. I always try to avoid stagnating around Dalaran because then I end up hopping around the bank for several hours being entirely useless.

The other night I was quite productive though. I went on a daily quest run in three different zones with two other guild mates. Afterwards I got it in my head to have Flipmax craft a [Deathchill Cloak] for me. I wanted to give it to a friend as a surprise pressy.

One of the reagents for the tailor crafted cloak is a [Siren's Tear] which I could buy from a murloc vendor in Borean Tundra for 100 Winterfin Clams. So I spent a good portion of the night gathering clams and slaughtering murlocs. And as mundane as that sounds, it was actually really cathartic.

I love the feeling of soloing. It gives me a real sense of freedom I don't normally get throughout the normal WoW hours. I'm free to go where I want, kill what I want, quest as I want, and screenshot all I want. lol.


Unknown said... I have to take a break from "Buffy" and go watch "Serenity" work

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