Sunday, March 01, 2009

Post Raid Activities

(Malygos Wallpaper)

Some weeks you'll just have the crappiest raids ever and you know a lot of it beyond your control so you have to figure out how to just let it go. One of my largest frustrations is trying to balance out running a semi-decent 25man group while also gaining perspective of how everyone wants to raid.  Like this week, one of the college students decided to show up seriously drunk. He was late, he was plastered, and he was obnoxious as all hell. 

A part of me wanted to throw him out immediately. A part of me wanted to just gkick him out for showing so little respect for the rest of the guild. Then a part of me wonders if I should just try to see things from his perspective. He's a kid, young, and prone to make stupid mistakes. He's at a time of his life where he wants to have fun and probably won't get to seeing things my way for another 5 or 6 years. 
Then I have to think about the rest of the guild as well. How do they feel about a sect of the guild who is only showing up to raids to gear for PvP Arenas. Should I care why people show up so long as they show up? Or should it bother me that they don't really give a damn about the rest of us that much aside from using us to get gear? Does it matter why people chose to play with us? I'm not sure what the correct answer is supposed to be anymore. There are times I think I'm fully aware of what the guild wants and then something will happen that will throw me off completely. 
I have people whispering me from the guild trying to tell me who deserves loot and who deserves to be invited. I have people wanting to raid earlier and those who want to raid later. I've got a group who want to push things to a more serious degree and those who want to keep our 25man raids super casual.  I have people who want to already start gearing out their alts and those who want to keep it mains only. 
So after a few Malygos attempts Friday, people had to leave early. I didn't take the portal back to Dalaran. I just stayed behind with Flipmax. I sort of just sighed. Then I turned to Flip and said, "let's race around this place." So we came up with this game where we had to run around the circle until we hit the portal and then mount and do a cycle mounted and then one more round while running. 

I SOOOOOO was winning too but then the bastard cheated at the last minute and blinked to the finish line. I swear, you'll never get a fair racing game with a mage. lol.  We then played tag for awhile and got tired of running around. So then we stared at the stars for a long time while talking about mage specs. 

I then logged out to upload the combatlogs to wow web stats. When I got back in, we ended up on this crazy errand run through the old world. We ran LBRS so I could get my worg pup and spider pet since my shaman had never gotten it. Then we were gonna run heroic Magister's Terrace because I wanted my phoenix pet (I've gotten two on my other toons). 

When we got there though, I wasn't attuned!! GAHHH! DAMN ALTS! So we set in non-heroic to get me attuned. We cleared the whole thing only to find out I forgot to talk to some sleeping dude! DOH! So we ran it again and bam, the phoenix pet dropped! LOL! Holy cow! I didn't even have to run it heroic to get the pet! WOOT! 

Afterwards, Flip went off to go do Strat runs for the baron mount and I set off to level fishing. I never thought I'd be in STV again casting my fishing rod but there I was. I went from like 130-225. Now I'm on the fishing quest. gag. 

So it turned out that Friday night wasn't so bad after all. Racing, star gazing, pet rounding, and fishing FTW. :D


wow-daddy said...

keep it all in perspective that this is something you do for enjoyment, not a job. your race with flip are the things worth remembering.

oh, and i thought global mute worked well, especially when he asked in chat, "am i muted" (or something like that). it gave me a good chuckle.

btw, my laptop connection crapped out on me, so i couldn't continue. :(

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