Sunday, November 04, 2007

Alachia's UI

StreetChief said...
How come we never get to see Alachia's UI?

hehe. That's because there's nothing all that fancy about my UI. About a year ago, I stopped using most UI mods to alleviate the frustration when patches came around.

My must have mods right now are Quartz, Grid, Simple Action Sets, Damage Meters, and Outfitter for normal usage..
and Ora2, Bigwigs, and Big Brother for raiding.

all the buttons on the bottom two rows are pretty much keybound to my keyboard...and the ones on the right side are buffs and professions etc.


Unknown said...

Look up Minimap Button Bag. It'll put all those buttons on your minimap into a single button and clean up the mini map. is a little old, but it hasn't changed too too much... mostly font changed and Omen... but notice that my minimap only has 1 button. That's the minimap button bag.

Street Chief said...

That's a pretty nice UI WoP. Alachia... I expected so much more from you. But I understand, I used to go to LAN center with my friends and everytime I would I'd be so frustrated without my mods so I gave up on them. Now that I don't have that luxury anymore I've snagged some handy dandy mods for myself.

Mostly minimalistic because I PvP. I like to see all the action that's going on. Xperl gives you a nice little feature that makes the screen glow when you're low on health, or a different hue for when you're CC'd. It find it quite handy.

Alachia said...

hahaha. well. pro-gamers can't play with mods fyi. :)

Street Chief said...

I guess you're right. Maybe I should revert back to my primitive Blizzard UI... Let me just score top of the season 3 ladders and then I'll consider it. Oh wait, I'm from Canada and we aren't allowed to take part in the finals...

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