Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Patch 2.3, My Highlights

So I always wait to read the patch notes the day the patch comes out. After I finish downloading the patch, I read the notes as it installs. As we all knew, it sure was a big one!

Here are the ones I'm pretty excited about or thought were noteworthy!

1. New enchant available to shields to increase resilience.
2. Soulwell's take less time to make now...yay for warlock's in Arena prep time.
3. Dispel Magic has been increased to 40yrds. Noteworthy for me because I used to gauge Karazhan Prince Shadow Volley by the 30yrd dispel range..now I can't use that as my measuring tool.
4. Engineering recipe from Niobe Whizzlespark in Shadowmoon for Flying device!! woot!
5. New meta gem in Shadowmoon valley that adds crit from Coilskar Siren.
6. Gladiator Gear from different seasons now stack for set bonuses. ah yeah!
7. Apexis shards from Ogri'lla daily quests in larger quantity can now be turned in for global use elixirs. Time to raid!
8. You can now run Heroics with only Honored reputation!
9. There are now Dungeon daily quests from lower city...as well as BG daily quests and a new cooking daily quest! Cha-ching!
10. When you inspect people, you can now see their talent trees. Hehehe.. why did you put points into that moron!!??
11. One mail can now send out 12 items...maybe this is the start to not needing a mail mod.
12. Minimap has upgraded features like showing you who has recently sent you mail and where NPCs are by serch.

Also a ton of class changes...but everyone should read through all of those...some are pretty significant changes that may make you think to respec...*cough*Priest!*cough*

edit: Oooh. more cool stuff. Mages can conjure vending machines now instead of being one! And you can buff for free mana before BGs begin now! Woot!


Mercot said...

I only got to log in for an hour or so yesterday, but I was very pleased with what I saw. Took my mage down to Dustwallow to check out the new goblin town, which was very cool. Though I did not see 50 new quests. I was afraid I wouldn't get her high enough to enjoy the XP revamp and had been pushing her forward. But I was expecting 2.3 a month ago, so she's level 45 now. Blew though about 15-20 quests, I think, in Mudsprocket and the crashed zep sight. Cool stuff, but definitely not 50 quests. Maybe there are a few more hidden lines.

I'm LOVING the new mail system. You can send care packages now, with several items at 30c a pop. No more individually unloading each item from your mailbox!

gravin said...

All our basic Blessings are still 30 yard range so you can use those to gauge when you're outta the shadow nova on Prince. ;) I'm just happy we don't have to run up to cleanse anymore! :D

Alachia said...

oh good because I'm pretty sure I'd be bad at eye-ing the 30yrds.

it will be nice though you're right.. no more "enfeeble! I can't dispel, rotate!"

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