Monday, November 12, 2007

Designing for 1%

I'm pretty excited about Patch 2.3 this Tuesday. I'm very happy about the new 10 man instance Zul'Aman. Two days ago, we were running Sadin's lock alt through steamvaults...after we were done, I turned the party into a raid and hopped into Serpentshrine Caverns. WoW. That place is soo cool looking. The art concept was quite unique to what I've seen so far in most raid dungeons.

Then it kind of made me sad to think that less that 1% of our server has probably seen the inside of it. What a waste. So yea, I'm happy about the new 10 man content. We're going to try and give it a whirl on Tuesday...see if we can't get the first boss down.

As for the 25 mans... there is a possibility that our guild could start seeing more of it. I've been trying to work with another small guild to hook up with us to fill in our Gruul attempts. So far, we've only been able to get enough people from our own guild once...and that was like 5 weeks ago.

This week we're going to try the filler guild out and see how it pans out.. I'm hoping there are no issues so it can help us out to see more 25 man content.


Sean said...

Focus on getting ZA on farm. The gear drops there and the heroic token rewards will rival ssc loot. Once you have a solid 25 people geared with kara+ZA loot you can make great progress in ssc and beyond.

Example is the blacksmithing recipe for plate tanking boots. It drops in ssc off trash. You replace those boots from a drop off the first boss in ZA. lol

Oh well it'll be months before I get to see it... looking forward to the reworked instance drops in 2.3 and the new quests.

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