Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gruul Heads

So last night we ran Gruul's again. It was our second attempt as a guild. To the shock of everyone, we one shot King Maulgar! Well, I was surprised anyhow because we had a fair amount of new people.

For some reason, we all ended up with pumpkins over our heads. lol! I'm not sure when it happened cuz I was too busy trying to get the raid together. So the goal was to beat Gruul's by the time the pumpkin heads wore off! hahaha.

Okay, so we didn't make the deadline nor did we down Gruul's. We ended up getting Gruul's down to 7% with 24 people (someone had to leave early). And so we were sure we'd get it on the next attempt because we were able to pull in an extra pug to help with DPS. But then we took too long for that last attempt and got respawns that split some of the raid in half....and then there was a resulting which point we had to call the raid. I think we did about 5 Gruul attempts. Robbed I say!!! That 6th attempt should have been ours!!

On a side note, my paladin got ditched! hahahaha. We were lacking in DPS during the Gruul fight so they called out my shadow priest to be did they put it?..."mana battery" for the mages. lol. It really did make a difference too because the mages didn't run out of mana after that. It's too bad the battery pack doesn't work on myself as well. I have to chug mana pots to keep up...fix that kk blizzard?


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