Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Patch day was pretty exciting. We had people crafting new things, making airplanes, getting new cooking recipes, new enchants, new gems..

We also successfully took down the Nalorakk, the bear lord in Zul'Aman tonight. You have 20 minutes from ringing the gong and the gates opening to the first boss to slay him for a chance to save the hostage who will give you extra loot. I was like 20mins my @ss! Maybe for a heavy 25 man raid group to come back in and slaughter this joint..yeah maybe.. lol. [Pauldrons of Primal Fury] dropped...and of course, we had no hunter in our group. :P

We also tried for the Eagle boss but the add-pulls were insane.. wave after wave of birds and elite dudes with no end in sight. We're thinking we might wait another week or so before attempting the rest of the instance. Hopefully more information will be out by then so we don't have to be the pioneers who pay 50g a night doing attempts. :D

Our guild is actually doing Gruul's tomorrow night. I don't have full confirmation on our filler guild but I'm 99% sure it's on...so I'm excited about that.


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