Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Season 3

Well Season 3 has kicked off. The re-gearing was like Christmas in WoW...which happens every arena season. It's pretty fun.. the re-enchanting is a pain though. We lack shards this season for the enchants so we'll be runnning a lot of heroics etc soon.
We're pretty lucky in that Felicks is the master gem crafter of the guild. I got his last skyfire diamond.. hahaha. woot!

Hunters definitely got the biggest xmas present. They got to buy their season 3 weapons without a 2k rating. Wut up with that Blizzard?

So we were going to spend the night doing heroics to gather shards but we ended up having enough people on our team to do 5v5s. Yeah, we're crazy and masochistic and wanted to eat plenty of dirt. hahaha.

It's quite fun, painful, and interseting getting to go up against some of the most bad @ss teams in the battlegroup. We played for hours...didn't want to stop. We finally cracked 1600 and then called in a night at 2am. lol. Our lowest point was 1496. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. We even got to play against some of the top 15 teams from last season. Talk about intense!

Our first line up was paladin, holy priest, demo lock, warrior, and rogue
Second line up for the night was pladin, holy priest, frost mage, warrior, and rogue

Next time, we'd like to try pally, priest, mage, lock, warrior

I told Felix he needs to get 6000 shards in his bank so he doesn't have to stop to get more shards. Apparently two full bags isn't enough when you're on a roll. I wish they would refund shards back to locks after the arena is over.

Well last season we weren't able to break 2k. When we changed our line up, we got up to 1960 but the last week of the season we had to sub in all of our characters into that team so there wasn't anymore progression. :( On a good note though even though we subbed in all of our alts, we still ended with a 1915 rating. Not bad for scrubs. :D


Street Chief said...

I wish I was as battle hearty as you :( I started playing seriously pretty late in season 2. Wound up getting to around 17-1800's. Oh well. I haven't found a good set of teammates yet. My character's name is Vauch(BWL). Got any tips?

Sean said...

Good to have you back Alachia!!

Still pretty far off from running the arenas but my paly is getting there.

Unknown said...

Just a quicky on the hunter: The season 3 weapon does have a rating - our primary weapon is ranged and that has the rating. However most people experience the melee side of hunters as they try to close us down. So while I see that people are going to be on the end of this nasty 'stat stick' it's not what 'good' hunters will be focusing on. Having said that the season 3 gun looks horrible.

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