Wednesday, February 06, 2008

3 bops, 1 arena

I think I just got out of a 30 minute 2v2 arena fight. It might have been more. I drank like 10 waters and BOP'd my lock at least 3 times. lol.

Those types of fights I like to call mana wars. It's crazy. We were up against a pally/warrior team. The warrior was brilliant and staying on the pet (voidwalker) long enough for the paladin to run across the map to drink. And then he'd keep me and the lock hamstrung so we couldn't run to knock the paladin out of drinking.

We had the warrior down so many times. The lock with me was soul-link/siphon life spec so the pet is a pretty important element. I kept sacrifice up on the lock to help split the damage because it wasn't always prudent to keep up soul-link in case the warrior decided to insta-gib the pet.

So the pally would kite the pet around a pillar, the warrior would hamstring us and then run behind the pillar and blow up the pet. Luckily, the lock I was with would always be already summoning another pet...trying to not to burn fel domination (insta summon).

We finally got into a rhythm where we were able to burn the pally super low on mana and then focus dps the warrior. I hammered the pally and although he got a flash of light off..he was so low on mana, he wasn't able to get the holy light off...which would have been enough to keep up his warrior. Also, nightfall proc'd for the game over.

I bet they were pissed.


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