Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking up

For most of my TBC career, I have for the most part, opted to play a healer class. I did a short stint as a shadowpriest but ultimately found the most joy in my paladin..and now currently, my druid.

The problem with the healer class is that you miss a lot of content details.

We four-manned Black Morass tonight because we couldn't find a fifth. We brought my druid, Felix's warlock, Sad's warrior, and Flipmax's hunter. I wanted the [Scarab of Infinite Cycle] and Flipmax wanted the [Hourglass of the Unraveller]. Also, it was the daily non-heroic quest.

It was a joke. I almost fell asleep healing. The only thing that kept me on my toes was getting people to loot bodies so I could skin the Rift Lords. LOL.

Anyhow, we get to Aeonus, the final boss of Black Morass. First, he was actually being tanked where I could see him from the front and secondly, I was actually looking up at the boss.

I was like woah! Did Aeonus always look this way. The glacial specs of white against the charcoal black looks awesome!!! I never noticed it before. He definitely wins Top Bad-@ss Looking Dragon in my book!

FYI, I got the [Scarab of Infinite Cycle]. The haste proc doesn't really apply to resto druids who rely mostly on HOTs but the +healing bonus will help tie me over until Patch 2.4 new badge rewards.

PS. Thank you WoWhead for allowing mouse over pop-ups!!


NerdNinjaMan said...

I play a Holy spec'd Paladin, and I can truthfully say, that this was the first time that I have actually seen this dragon, even though I've done Black Morass a million times. Kinda sad actually =/. Anyways, nice screenshot and grats on the loot.

Mercot said...

Nice screenshot :)
He does look pretty badass. Same markings / colors as the Epoch Hunter from Old Hillsbrad, but I think this guy's horns are much cooler.
Saddest thing about this post is the reminder that I've only completed BM once. I envy your group's ability to 4-man it.

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