Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hydross solo'd

So I watched this old video of a warlock soloing the first boss in Serpentshrine Caverns. It's pretty impressive when you think about the sheer stamina this guy must have had.

I think I read it took him nearly 3 hours of kiting Hydross to finally down him. If you notice, by the end of the fight, his gear is completely red.

(Being in combat at all will cause all equipped items to gradually lose durability, regardless of whether any damage is taken or dealt.) I had to look that up myself because I was curious of this as well. Also, his guild had to clear trash and kill The Lurker Below so the water would not be infested with fish or be boiling.

In any case, kudos. Warlocks...just just love to hate them. :)


Dalmore said...

Wow almost makes me want to stop leveling my Pally and go back to the Lock full time.

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