Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Five hours to 1850

So I got a phone call from Taint this evening.
"yo. what are you doing?" -taint
"nothing. about to get groceries" -me
"let's 3v3." -taint
"k" -me

And so we took one of the 3v3 teams we had.."Save Me Stubs" which was sitting idle at 1630 and got on alts to drop it to 1500. We did this so we wouldn't have to pay for a new 3v3 team.

Apparently when you're going for an 1850 rating, you want your personal rating and the team rating to be close. You do not want to have to make up the wins from starting so low. So say you join a 1700 rated team. You're personal rating starts at 1500. You have to win enough games to make up the deficit between your personal rating and the teams.

So that's why we had to lose enough games on 'Save me Stubs' to drop it to 1500. In any case, we dropped it to 1492 and then joined up on our mains. Pally (me), Ice Mage (taint), Warrior (friend).

I think we played for 5 hours straight. We climbed to 1700 without blinking. Once we hit 1750, we kept slamming into a wall of Season 3 shoulder teams..aka (farm my team for 1000g teams) heh.

Our biggest obstacle was ensuring our ice mage survived long enough to DPS a target down. If he could just survive long enough, we always would win. It took quite a bit of finesse but we finally found our rhythm.

And suddenly a few hours later we were 4 points away from 1850. We pulled a Rogue, Warrior, Paladin team. Taint kited the warrior and rogue long enough for our warrior to dps the rogue down to 60% and then they did a quick turn on him and boom..he went down.

13 point for winning the game. 1850 achieved. I was so happy. I was so afraid I was going to be trapped behind the 1850 wall this season because of the sheer lack of practice I've had. It felt good. It felt damn good. I was screaming "YES YES YES!!!!"

I went straight to area 52 and picked up the mace and I'm short 25 arena points from getting the season 3 shield..which I'll pick up next week.



casetel said...

So... did the grocery shopping get done, or did you all end up ordering pizza in the end? ;)

grats dudette!

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