Friday, February 08, 2008

Virtual Blockbuster

So tonights meeting was good but kinda hectic. For some reason, I just thought picking a date and movie would be a snap..but it's just like in the RL. A bunch of people standing around naming possible movies but no clear answer. hahahah. It reminded me exactly of how my friends and I are at the movie rental store.

We finally ended up splitting the group in two. First showing is on Sunday, we'll be watching Office Space. Second showing is on Thursday for Ghost in the Shell. For the Thursday show, we're going to start off by watching the Southpark Make love, not Warcraft Episode. hehe. I thought that was a great suggestion.

Both are at 7pm central. The Ventrillo information and how you can access the Southpark video can be obtained through emailing me.

You'll either need to rent or buy the movies. I am adding Ghost in the Shell to my Blockbuster Online que tonight. :)

(funny note: when I discovered Thursday was Valentine's day and told everyone, I thought everyone was going to cancel. I was shocked when only 3 said they might have plans)

(thanks to Talkclub for letting us use his vent)

Sunday Feb 10th, 7pm central - Office Space
Thursday Feb 14, 7pm central - Southpark/Ghost in the Shell


Mercot said...

Sweet. I still haven't seen "Ghost in the Shell." It's on my list.
Won't make it to the Metamovie, sadly. My girlfriend hates Valentine's Day, but Thursday is LOST night!

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