Monday, February 18, 2008

The Power of the Shroom

Sometimes to deal with my emotional undercoming, I like to dive myself purely in the meta. PROBABLY not a great solution but what they's my life to try to screw up right? hehe.

Anyways, a lot definitely happened last week in WoW. My druid hit 70, got her leatherworking to 373, ran shattered halls a million times to get honor hold rep, and began my training as a tank from Felix.

May I suggest you don't try to make your first go as a tank in Karazhan? hahaha. Luckily Felix's druid was able to pick up for a lot of my slack. I'm still learning. I have zero intention of her becoming a main tank. I LOVE being a resto druid. I just needed to tank so other people could bring their alts to our Kara raid this week.

Plus, I figure I should learn how for the sake of learning. I will say that a lot of bear tanking is gear dependent. Gearing up yourself so that you dodge 70% of the bosses attacks is HUGE.

Anyways. We actually cleared all of Kara this week...even though almost everyone brought their alts. I was pleased. I also won the tier 4 helm! woot! And because I had grinded Honor Hold Rep earlier, I was able to enchant it immediately.

I really enjoy healing as a resto druid. I love adding support healing. People often want to be the main healer because there is more responsibility in it.. I love the dynamic of having support healing. I see Holy Paladins and Resto druids as amazing pairs for healing. They compliment each other nicely.

In other news, I finally got my Pally Exalted with Sporregar. If I were to tell most people why I wanted this, they'd definitely laugh at me. And it wasn't to get the neato spore bat pet. I LOVE the purple tabard with the psychadellic mushroom! It rocks!

One thing I will ALWAYS regret is rolling a dwarf paladin. F_____ stone form! Yah, it's vital and amazing for PvP...and even great for Moroes fight in Karazhan. BUT NOT WORTH hating the way your character looks FOREVER! hahaha. I would pay 1000g to be able to change her race. It's the number one thing I regret from playing this game. I think a lot of people don't form emotional attachments with their characters but I do.. I like to identify with my characters and for some reason, my paladin and I don't take to each other....which sucks because playing the paladin is most enjoyable for me.


Maclort said...

haha i know what you mean about having a connection to your character.
My recent main has been my shadow priest, Maclina, and when I heard that in 2.4 you can change your character's hairstyle - i thought... Ooh, she hasn't let her hair down since day one! Bout time she chills out.

And I know thats just weird...
Ive considered rolling dwarves but could never get past the character creation screen. Would have felt bad for bringing something so ugly into the world :P
(sorry dwarves)

Staab said...

The first character I ever made was a drawf hunter,why you might ask when I could have been a Night elf? Because the orginal intro to WoW There is kick ass Drawf hunter with this crazy Gun ax thing. I loved it. So I leveled my hunter with a bear knowing full well that cats are better and knowing that I'm not going to get as much out of my bear but I loved him. He pairs up so well with my drawf and in my mind you can't have a drawf with out a bear =).

I know drawfs aren't the best race but if go back to that orginal wow trainer you ask me they are hard not to like.

Moonknight said...

Alachia I have been in the same position as you every time I roll up a new alt. I try and try to stick with a dwarf but just can't seem to connect with one long enough to keep them. I guess that would explain why I have mainly Elves for characters.

Unknown said...

I remember getting rid of one of my characters becuase I didn't like the shade of hair I had chosen. Also similarly, I remember playing a troll priest back in the day for a while, I always didn't like how he looked because trolls just look goofy in cloth. Well... They look goofy in anything, but besides cloth, they look the good kind of goofy.

- Neil

Moonknight said...

Now if they will only allow me to give my Night Elves some of the Blood Elves hairstyles!!

Mercot said...

Aside from my first character, I've never been able to stick with an avatar I didn't appreciate visually. Tauren, Orc or Troll (excepting my priest, who I love) toons are usually doomed.

I a fan of Blood Elves and Undead.

If I could, I would pay to take the little ponytail off of my Undead warlock. It's driven me nuts since level 15. :)

Caitin said...

lol, I am totally the opposite of you. I actually connect the best with my first toon, a dorf hunter rather then my main, a female human, before I quit the game 6 months ago even tho the female human is much easier on the eyes.
I dunno what it is about dorfs that I like, maybe its the stoic, hardy characteristics that more accurately discribes my own personaity.

I'm totally opposite of you in terms of the playstyle too. My main has been the MT for my guild through most of SSC/TK before I quit, and now I'm rolling a horde druid. I am only now learning the healing side of the game whereas I know pretty much all there is to know about the tanking/dpsing side.

On a different note, I was thinking about the discussion we had after watching GitS and was trying to remember some of the other contents that broach this sort of subject. Two books that came to mind is The Celestine Prophey by James Redfield and The Fifth Profession by David Morell.

The Celestine Prophey is almost like a book about a religious experience but not in the traditional religions. When people read this book, they either like it or hate it.

The Fifth Profession is a page turning thriller that in part went into past, present, and future in more of a biological sense but promoted me to think conscious as a whole.

Both are good to check out sometimes.

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