Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Risque Aldor Art

I hearthed my druid to the Aldor inn tonight and noticed for the first time the art hanging inside. LOL!!!

Is she wearing a white bandit mask??? hahahah. Now I have to remind myself to check the Scryer Inn's art as well.

At least there's one good thing about going Aldor!


Peteicus_X said...

Weird. While I had not seen that smut hanging in the Aldor bank, I did just see that same picture yesterday hanging in The World's Inn Tavern behind the bar. While that shameful display seems better suited to a bar rather than a bank, I really don't understand why it is there at all. Shocking and horrifing... Even now it is giving me terrible thoughts and ideas. If you all will excuse me....

Unknown said...

This has nothing to do with this episode in particular, but I just wanted to say I love your podcast. I listen to a lot of casts (I drive 140 miles a day) and I load my iPod with topics from WoW to Game Industry News to management and business consulting.

Man does your cast stand out from the crowd.

I love that in a sea of thousands, maybe millions of podcasters you have found a unique voice. You can drift from hard core raid tactics to metaphysical introspection and back effortlessly. You have a fascinating view on meta, life, and how we grow and evolve.

In any event, please keep it up and never change. Amazing cast.

Lippy Pantaloons

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