Monday, May 12, 2008


We have this point farming team in our guild that people can use to farm arena points. They got as low as 1190 and then gave the team to us and then bought a new team. Today we took the team from 1190-1707. It was pretty fun.

At first it felt bad because we were really melting face and it sucks being that other team...believe me I've been on the other end. "WTF are these tier 3 shoulder Mother **#$*#* doing in the 1400s?!!!!!"

But as we got into the 1700s we started hitting up triple melee teams that blew our clothies out of the water. I mean....WHAM! DEAD! Enhancement Shaman, Warrior, Ret Pally... kabooom! hehe.

we went 27-3 tonight. Not bad. It was fun doing 5s again. Haven't gotten to do them in so long. The chaos is always the most fun for me.

Our line up was holy pally, warrior, rogue, disc priest, demo lock (warrior/rogue rocks against cloth)


Neil said...

I don't know how you do it. Are there any guides or general strategies one can find out there? It seems all my teams hit a wall around 1500 in our battlegroup. I think gear might be becoming a concern, what is a general resilience & HP benchmark we should all try to get to become "serious". Things are starting to get frustrating and I'm trying to look for any info I can get my hands on.

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