Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to Cykos but Jae rules

It's actually pretty funny. I never thought I'd raid with cykos again but sure enough tonight I did. Now, before you shake your head and go "don't you ever learn?"...

it's not the same cykos. It's a totally new crew with a new gm etc. I was hooked up with the gm through a guild mate. Both our guilds are facing similar situations where we have about half the people needed to finish 25 mans.

Most of our old raiders have gone awol and/or off doing RL stuff. So we no longer have a consistent raiding schedule. Not enough people online = end of 25 man raiding.

So we're trying out a joint venture with this other guild.... Tonight was our first trial. It went decent I thought. The other guild seemed poised and the people were friendly. The raid leader pulled too slow for my taste but it was kind of nice not having to deal with raid leading as well.

This just allows some of us who want to continue to raid something to do to keep progressing.

I did feel really bad. I brought my druid to the raid and I was the only druid. I got at least like 5 pieces of gear. We haven't started implementing dkp yet since it was trial run. It was all druid specific stuff too or leather working stuff so I got msot of it by default. It's the total opposite with my usual jae runs on my paladin. I usually don't win anything ever. I was top healer though so I did do a little to earn it :)

But more importantly it once again reaffirmed for me and the other guildies on the run....what an amazing guild we have. Our players are 100% bad @sses. Hands down incredible in terms of focus and skill. It makes you wish cloning was available. lol.

Sometimes it takes seeing how the other half lives to really and truly appreciate what you have. That's why looking outside our world is sometimes a good thing.

Okay. that's enough cockadoodle doo stroking for now.


snape said...

nice... nothing like reaffirming your own elite status. :P

wowcast said...

I hate myself and have low self-steem. I suck.

happy? :)

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