Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I honestly had a lot of skepticism about whether or not a sister guild would work with us... I am quite pleased with the results so far. There is good synergy between the two guilds and while their guild lacks skill, they make up for it in discipline.

The cykos GM leads with an iron fist (most of the time) and jae is lead by ocd/anal-ness. The two actually fit nicely together. Their GM is pretty hard on his guys by calling them out whenever they mess up. 3 strikes and they are out! I rather like it but it just wouldn't fly in my guild because we don't want to gkick anyone. And you can't make 3 strikes your out threats if you don't back it up with possible gkick threat.

So Sadin and I try to lead by being super thorough with set-up and instructions. And luckily almost all of our guild members come super prepared having read and watched the fights on our forums. They practically lead themselves mostly. They just want cues on when to DPS, who to heal, where to stand, etc...

We officially kicked off with our sister guild last week. We've now downed two new bosses together. Leo and Karathress. Last night was "farm" night. We downed 6 bosses in 3.5 hours (raid times of 6:30pm server - 10pm server). High King/Gruul/Mag/Hydross/Lurker/Leo.....Leo went down at exactly 10:00pm server time. LOL.

We trade off leading the raid with cykos every other week. Last week, we led. This week, they're leading. And since they have experience downing Void Reaver and a few of their guys have attempted Solarian...I'm very hopeful we'll be going to the Eye on Progression night this week. I've only been in their once to do Solarian with another guild. All I remember is that the trash pulls were messy.

All in all, it looks promising. I've told the cykos gm to always be honest about concerns etc...and let's not try to save face or be polite...because that leads to drama. We've talked about the game plan for progression and are very hopeful that if things continue as they are, we'll hit Black Temple by July sometime. hehehe. you know just in time to see all the 25 man content before the dang expansion comes out... :(


snape said...

Grats. Can I come? :P

wowcast said...

why would you want to come? I saw you rolling through Mt. Hyjal and BT. :D

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