Thursday, May 01, 2008

I smack my Draenei Orphan

Okay. I haven't smacked my Draenei Orphan yet. But I make her run along side my mount so a slap might be a step up. lol.

"that's right, snot nose, shine my shoes!"

So last year I got the one-eye willy. You gotta have a least one willy to /lick....sorry. it's just too obvious, I can't help myself.

This year I was thinking Peanut..the cutest little elekk ever. I wanted to get him last year but the willy was just too tempting..especially when it sleeps.

Well, off to show my kid the wonders of the world (of warcraft)

You can pick up the quest in Lower City from Orphan Matron Mercy (74,47)
There's also a level 60 and below version in Stormwind Cathedral district


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