Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life after 70 is deadly

lol. Okay, so after the raid and after doing dailies there's just not much to do anymore. And if you're like me and have no life... you stay in shat figuring out ways to amuse yourself.

After a couple of awesome mind visions of a suicide mage, we also got a great free fall through the shat roof with an iceblock finale! I dunno why but mind visioning someone going splat on the floor of shat was just hilarious.

the reason the video jumps from the fall from the mages perspective to the 3rd person perspective of the iceblock falling to the iceblock removes mind vision.


Neil said...

I always preferred trying to blink at the last second to negate falling damage. Ice blocking is the safer way, but real men blink. ^_- There's also a fun game us mages like to play on our server Ravenholdt. We'll get a bunch of us together, fly up really high, one mage casts slow fall on himself and the rest of us have to try and steal it before you smack into the ground. Good times.

- Neil

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