Tuesday, May 20, 2008

25/25 Done

I did it! 25/25 Dailies! It was rough. hahaha. I'm resto spec on druid and disc spec on my priest (main two chars I do dailies on because they have epic flyers)

I did the 25/25 on my priest because she's the only one who can do the Netherwing quests in Shadowmoon Valley.

Felix would be proud. hehehe. He's the one who advocates earning a consistent income to all members. And I can't believe how easy a lot of them are ...even if you have to go solo. I at least try to do 10 per day...3 minimum that are easy and can be done while just waiting around etc.

I'm beginning to appreciate the ability to never have to worry about enchants or mats, gems etc. I think Blizzard did a nice job with providing a stable income for daily players. Especially with inflation, it's nice being able to afford primals. MY GOSH, primal life on my server is up to 28g some days and primal fire is 30g. It used to be 10g for a primal life.

After 2.4.2 patch or whatever, everything skyrocketed in price. But that comes with an influx of money into the economy I suppose so I guess it makes sense. It just feels harsh on the pocketbook.


Tommy C said...

Not sure what server you are on, but I know on my server things are going through the roof for items that could relate to either Death Knight or just twinks.
I have seen some talk in General chat where people where asking what sort of armor and weapons DK's will use and others talking about getting gear on AH trying to get what they can for gold before a possible money change happens with WotLK.

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