Monday, May 05, 2008

WSG No Deaths

I can add that to the list of things I should have screenshot or FRAPS.

SO anytime I get frustrated with PvE, I always turn to PvP. It's far less drama.
So this weekend, we ran a lot of Battlegrounds with about 5-6 JAE members on average. We didn't lose a single Battleground.

The best one of all though was when we went against another semi-preform in WSG and not a single alliance died the entire game.


hahahaha. That's just fun sh*t.

Another great moment was joining a losing Arathi Basin and bringing it back up. Sad (warrior) and I (resto druid) guarded mine most of the time. It was awesome. We 2v3 and 2v4'd so many. PvP resto druid is so much fun.

Currently, my druid has zero pvp gear. I'm building up points starting last week for the honor sets and have about 2500 saved for next season's Arenas. Because it'll be fun to see how well she does when she actually has gear.


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