Friday, January 02, 2009

Alachia's Computer Room

Photosynth of Alachia's Office.

(probably not viewable by mac users so I added pics at the top)

I need more art and pictures to hang on my wall. I want to hang quick sketch a friend did for me of Eeyore back in high school but it brings back such bad memories that I probably won't. Sooo I need new drawings! The watermelon picture is a pastel Sadin did when he was like 8 or something. Kid art is so awesome.

I still need to frame my bumper stickers and Fatality signed mousepad.

But I do love my nook. I redid the furniture arrangement so the space would be more open. I hate feeling boxed in. Also, I like having my office laptop on the dock so when Flipmax comes over, he can just snap in his laptop and is ready to play.

If you're willing to share, I'd sure love to see pics of other people's work spaces and computer stations! That is, if you allow people into your lair!


JohnHenry said...

Your space > my space! Jealous! The color scheme is so Windows XP =P.

Jemimus said...

Well, I know you have seen mine already, but for the benefit of others:

Philip said...

This is very cool, thanks for showing off the technology, wasn't aware it was even out yet O.o

Mcfez said...

wow, real nice set up you have there. wish i had mine like that haha

Lea said...

nice space!!! makes mine look like a broom closet!!

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