Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop and Pocket the Gold

I love the achievement titles for PVE dungeons. I just think it's great to have a reason to go back into these places. I swear, I never even noticed the mounds of treasure in Utgarde Pinnacle the first two times I ever ran it. I was too busy staring at my GRID or DPSing the mobs down. HUGE freaking piles of gold and statue of Medusa was all lost on me.
Blizzard put a lot more interest in their dungeons in Northrend than they ever have before. They definitely didn't stop with the exterior environment. Also the boss encounters are a lot more interesting as well. Some of these achievements really spice things up as well. It's so funny because you go through the heroics with good gear and you're like "wow easy sauce." Then you go back trying to get it with the achievement and you're like "wtf? only amber drakes? are you insane?" lol.


manorton aka Paravel said...

That is actually a statue of Azshara :)

wowcast said...

lol! good to know but they totally ripped off Azshara's look from Medusa!

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