Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode 41 Supplemental

To clarify more because I already know for sure that I sort of screwed up the elemental spell rotation when I was saying it. Here's a bit more info:

Regarding Totems:
The first rule is that any totem that pulses (poision, disease, tremor, mana, healing etc ) are always party only.

Second rule is that totems that buff ( str/agi, woa, tow, etc ) are always raid-wide.


Rotation: (CH=Chain Heal, LHW= Lesser Healing Wave, HW= Healing Wave)
CH Spam
CH ->> LWH ->> LHW (best HPM)
CH -->> HW-->>HW (best HPS)
(based on taking the Tidal Wave talent: You have a 100% chance after you cast Chain Heal or Riptide to lower the cast time of your next 2 Lesser Healing Wave or Healing Wave spells by 30%)


Spell Rotation: (FS=Flame Shock, LvB= Lava Burst, CL=Chain Lightning, LB=Lightning Bolt)(I accidentally said Lava Bolt instead of Lightning Bolt in the podcast)
FS, LvB, CL/LB filler, LvB, CL/LB filler, and repeat

Flameshock being your starter to maximize DOT and LvB as often inbetween to gain the crit effect. The rotation will have to be adjusted depending on your current haste rating.

Spec: (16/55/0)

DPS Rotation:
Lightning Bolt if MW is at 5 stacks
else Stormstrike if available
else Earth Shock if available
else Lava Lash if available

Remember, these are all starter rotations and specs. If you get specialized, you'll end up tweaking your rotation and spec to a much greater degree.


Cylena said...

A supplemental note about Hit% / Hit Rating:

The amount of +hit needed to never 'miss' is not a fixed number across the board - it can (and does) vary wildly depending on class, spec, and buffs (and for melee, dual-wielding can affect the required +hit to avoid missing with white damage).

All DPS players should do a little research on their class and spec combos to see how much hit rating is needed to cap out, and they should memorize this number. Tape it to the monitor, tattoo it to the back of your mouse-hand, arrange your action bars in a pattern that looks like the number you need - whatever it takes so that you always know exactly how short / over you are on +hit.

Going over the effective cap of 100% to hit is absolutely worthless, so that may be a bit of item budget / gems / enchants that you can put to better use elsewhere!

Also note that it is entirely possible since 3.0 to get up to an effective 100% hit rate (you can now get past the previous effective hit cap of 99%).

A rather handy thing to know about in general is how WoW calculates the results of each attack (AKA: the hit tables). In addition to this, both melee DPS and Tanks) should learn how Expertise modifies their hit tables and what that can mean for overall DPS / TPS.

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