Friday, January 23, 2009

Heroic Mania

Got on last night to do my Sons of Hodir dailies and instead got roped into massive Heroic Run Mania. hehehe. We're sort of shooting for the [Glory of the Hero] Achievement for the red proto-drake. As you can see, it's like a list of 39 Achievements that must be accomplished on Heroic Dungeon mode.

It's hella fun. Normally when you get to a point where you have a lot of gear, the only reason you step foot into a heroic is only to maybe see it or help another guildy get a piece of gear they really want.

With the Achievement condition added to most raiding and instance categories, it brings some crazy @ss fun back into 5 mans. Unfortunately to us, five is no longer our magic number. We sort of have six people in our "immediate family" and so one person gets left out so we'll end up having to do all of these things twice. It's not a big deal but it kind of sucks we can't all be together for the initial run.

Also because we decided to create our family as two book ends, it means that out of six of us, two are main tanks and two are main healers. This doesn't work for five mans unfortunately. lol.

Sad and I ended up respeccing because our class mechanics and gear were better suited for dpsing the 5 mans. I went Elemental and he went Retadin. After changing out my gear from the offspec stuff I had won from raiding, I was able to get my hit rating to about 296 (11.28% +1% from heroic presence) which supposedly was good enough for heroics. And Sad got his well over 9% with racial talent.

We hit up the heroic instances Utgarde Pinnacle, Utgarde Keep, Violet Hold, The Culling of Stratholme, and Occulus with the goal in mind to knock off as many Glory of the Hero achievements as possible. We got 8 out of the 15 achievements from the runs. A few of them require doing the heroics multiple times though like [Experience the Drake Rider].

The hardest of the entire night was the achievement where we got both [Ruby Void] and [Emerald Void] at the same time by only killing Ley-Guardian Eregos with the Amber Drakes. Essentially it required us to kill him without a tank or healer. It was crazy. We were at a point where we had someone counting out time stops every 14 seconds, someone counting out channel debuffs, someone yelling out when he phased, and everyone nuking him at the same time.

We got it on the 18th attempt. The first 10 attempts though were eaten up by trying defeat him with all Emerald Drakes. ZOMG. That was miserable.

I think even with all the achievements we picked up tonight, we're still not even 40% through the list. However, we just started and have plans to make it through most of the list this weekend.

My dps wasn't bad at all. I finished the entire night with an avg of 2020dps with only a 36% dps time. My highest was around 3600 and my lowest was 1800ish depending on the encounter. I don't really have an elemental shaman tutor so I was sort of going off of what I had read and my own experience.

The instance I think I shined the most in was The Culling of Stratholme and I don't know if it's because the boss fights suited me more or because we were super motivated to get the [Culling of Time] Achievement. I think we got the achievement with 3 minutes to spare.

What's so damn annoying about this achievement is that you can go as fast as a speeding bullet but you have to wait for the whole RP NPC bullcrap to go by before you enter into engage in the next cycle of the instance.

So we were all yelling "OMG, ARTHAS, PULL! GO ALREADY" or "STFU already and go!"
hahaha. It's a timed event obviously and being held back by the NPCs was frustrating and you can yell all you want at an NPC cuz he can't get pissed off.

When you kill the timed event guy, he always drops a [Reins of the Bronze Drake] kind like the Armani War Bear event. This time though, we're starting earlier so everyone can get the mount before they take it away somehow. :D Taint won the roll yesterday. I plan on winning the next one!!! hehehe. With my luck though, I'll be last but I'm okay with that as long as I get one.


snape said...

nice, so that's why you were in heroics all weekend. :)

good luck on the drake next time!

Rob said...

Good read. I love heroics but not those achievements. The Less Rabi achievement is still giving me fits. Please post when you get that one.

Alachia said...

We got Less Rabi soon after using Rogue stuns in the rotation although now I hear you can do it with shear blasting power now that all the new gear is out.

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