Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Polarity was Off

Tonight we ran our 25 man Naxxramas run. Everything was going quite smoothly actually however we were having major lag issues inside the instance. This made us sort of short on time when we finally reached the last boss of the night, Thaddius.

Now last week, I thought I gave pretty darn good instructions of how to hit this mofo up but tonight I was sooo off! I'm pretty nervous when I talk to the raid which sort of sucks being the raid leader. And I'm even more nervous when I'm rushed.

Because we have two east coaters and a couple of people who have early morning jobs, I usually start to get really nervous around midnight because I know I'm pushing my limitations.

I always like to give the quick and dirty version of a fight anyhow because I hate raid leaders who read out the fight or think that you need to know every freaking aspect of the entire encounter. When you drone on and on about a fight or encounter people start to tune you out. All most people care about is "what do I need to do" not what the whole theory behind the fight is.

So last week, my Thaddius instructions got flushed out and I was able to explain to people where to stand for negative and positive charges and how to path when your polarity switches.

This week, I was trying to rush it and ended up spewing all over myself and mixing my analogies and directions. It was so messed up. I ended up saying "I'm sorry guys, I f*cked that up"

But by then, I had wasted all the breath I wanted to on explaining and just had to hope people were able to decipher what the F- I was trying to say. Next time, even if we're rushed on time, I'm not going to try and rush my instructions. I'll take the time I need to say the few things I need to say right. lol.

Negatives Left of Thaddius, Positives right of Thaddius.
Negatives who turn positive, go through his legs to the positive side. Positives who turn negative, strafe left to the edge of the platform and run across to the negative side. The flow moves in a clockwise direction.

I tried coming up with a 9 o'clock 3 o'clock analogy but it got jacked up big time so I'm not trying that again. lol.


Phayte said...

Just curious - why do you have those on the positive side strafe to the left and around when they get a negative charge? Running through his legs is the best course of action imo. Having to move out and around takes more time.

Dan Murphy said...

Phayte is right, there is enough time between when the Polarity shifts, and the first "pulse" comes that everyone can run through his legs and not hit each other.

Additionally my guild likes to use the Plus and Minus from the minimap to show which side is which. If you have your minimap locked (ie the arrow rotates when you turn, not the map) the plus and minus will always stay the same no matter which way you face.

organic said...

What we always did was just make it one big circle. We had everyone start stacked in the far corner of the platform. When the first polarity shift comes, all the negatives circle around Thaddius (including the tank if applicable) until they are on the opposite side from the positive group. Upon subsequent polarity shifts, anyone who changes polarity simply circles around Thaddius to their right until they meet up with the group who has stayed on their side. We've found that loss of DPS time isn't really an issue as everyone can save up their instants for the run. Melee should mostly save their energy/rage for when everyone is stacked anyways and they never get out of range of auto attack this way.

Dave said...

Just run straight through. There's plenty of time before the pulse comes and people start dying.

wowcast said...

I definitely agree with the strat of running straight through for both sides. However, my guild is extremely casual...for a lot, this is their first time even raiding.

I tend to favor the strats that allow a lot of room for error and "not knowing wtf to do" sort of mentality.

Especially with lag and individual latency (including mental latency), I prefer to keep the positives and negatives as far away from each other as possible, especially during the transition when two large groups are crossing paths.

Also, we can't really afford to lose a single person when doing Thaddius as we normally play with several people short and some of our dps is wearing a Merciless Gladiator War Staff. lol.

Cylena said...

I have to echo the 'run straight through' comments. With the grace period you get after each polarity shift, it's far more simple to just have people cross straight through rather than muck about with dodging other people.

Losing people to crossed polarities isn't going to be eased by having them run a bit to the side, it'll be caused by people not watching their debuffs and failing to move.

wowcast said...

I guess I'll give a shot and see what happens. Hopefully there isn't mass KOs. lol.

Hmm.. maybe I should post all my strats on the blog so I have them perfected for me. hehehe.

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