Monday, January 26, 2009

Twilight Duo

(less than 4% of the US ranked guilds have done this achievement)

This Saturday, my 10man group pushed progression on the Twilight Duo Achievement. The event requires that you leave at least two drakes up while you're fighting Sartharion. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of good strategy guides or videos regarding this encounter for 10 mans.

We decided to leave Tenebron and Shadron up for this attempt because they seemed more realistic. It's the craziest thing ever. The whole fight is relatively easy...
not. It's like being asked to do the chicken dance while eating a pepper, balancing ten knives on your head while doing back flips. lol.

Okay, so with Sartharion up alone, the instructions go like this: Nuke the dragon, kill the Lava Blaze adds when they come out, avoid voids zones and get in the gaps when the fire wall comes out.

With Tenebron up, the instructions are: DPS Sarth, kill the Lava Blaze adds when they come out, move to Tenebron when he comes out 1min into the fight, Nuke him down, stay out of voids on the ground, then nuke the whelps that spawn, move to the gaps when the fire wall comes out.

With Shadron also up, the instructions are: DPS Sarth, kill Lava Blazes, nuke Tenebron when he comes out, nuke his whelps, move to the gaps, avoid voids, shift to whelp and add cleanup when Tenebron goes down, then nuke Shadron down, then go into portal and nuke his disciple down, then nuke Sartharion down, kill lava blazes, and move into flame wall gaps and avoid void zones. :D

And that's just the instructions I gave the DPS. Since we attempted this with only two tanks and two healers (feral druid/prot pally and disc priest/resto shammy) the add control became super harry. Because the healing was so intense, it was incredibly hard to stop all of the adds from going straight to myself and the other priest. When the portal of whelps spawned (we opted not to go in to destroy eggs), the prot pally grabbed as much as he could and I had to pause healing and let people get dangerously low as to not pull immediate agro. Then I had to use NS and go all out to catch up once agro was established. All the while there are two mini drakes on the tank and the raid is taking add dmg. It was intense.

I did over 1 million healing in this one encounter. What's hilarious about that is that my job was to heal the prot pally who was on add and drake duty and the rest of the raid. Taint's job (disc priest) was to heal the MT druid on Sartharion. He did close to 1 million healing on ONE GUY!!! lol. If you look at the Damage-In stats image, you'll see the MT took 1.1 million damage!

What happens is that these two particular drakes give an aura that increase damage done by fire and shadow by 100% so the fire breath on the MT from Sarth is completely insane. What got us on almost ALL of the attempts was the healers being over-run by whelp and adds. The rest of the failed attemps was people dying in the void circles on the ground. LOL.

WTF is wrong with you Blizzard? Putting pink void graphics on a red lava graphic ground and calling that fair! hehehe. not to mention the amount of ground graphics from aoe dmg they've added in patch 3.0.8.

It took us 24 attempts but we finally got the perfect storm and defeated the entire encounter with everyone still alive. It was close for a few people though....some were hanging on by 400HP during the whelp transition phase.

I can't say I'm not completely terrified about adding Versperon to the fight as his aura reduces ALL HP by 25%!!! But I'm looking forward to trying. :D


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