Saturday, February 28, 2009


The culmination of waiting for a validation to Engineers since they gave us repair bots and goggle equivalents to tier 6 gear, is here!

Folks after waiting nearly a year and a half for the glorious engineering buff, that validation that we didn't just level the most worthless profession in the game has arrived!

[High-powered Flashlight]
Binds when equipped
Requires Level 49
Equip: Improves hit rating by 24 (3.04% @ L49).
Use: Summon a ring of light on a specific location that lasts for 3 min. (1 Hour Cooldown)

And it's a good thing they put that 1 hour cooldown timer on the "ring of light" usage because seriously, casting light on the ground in under a 1 hour lockout is just too much OP.

I mean we see what happens with people who have stacks of [Elune Stone], *shudder*, that's just too much power for one person honestly.



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