Thursday, March 26, 2009

She shoots! She scores!

(Woot! Flipmax overslept for our 10man raids tonight so I got to play my hunter)

She shoots! She scores! hehehe. That's right folks, I have not yet caved in and started dual boxing for my hunter leveling yet. I'm honestly just having too much fun doing things on my own with my gorilla. It just feels so empowering having my own personal tank everywhere I go. 

I was thinking I'd need to get Felix to help me run through the Altar of Zul to do the Save Sharkbeak quest but I somehow managed up and DOWN the altar by myself. 

I didn't like the idea of fighting my way back down the altar so I decided to jump off the cliff and hope for the best. I survived iwth 133 HP and got an achievement to boot! lol. 

I also got some account bound gear on her so it's really refreshing to not have to worry about some of the gear. Plus, the shoulder stats are pimp for the [Champion Herod's Shoulder]

Currently, the hunter is 52 and is questing in Felwood but also rocketing around Azeroth for all those spacial quests. One thing I hate a lot about questing in the old world is the quests take you all over the damn place and then back again. Outlands and Northrend were really good about consolidating the questing into succinct zones. So far my longest flightpath has been 11minutes 38 seconds. :P


Igoo said...

Hunters are fun, wait till you get steady shot, snake trap and ice arrow. What spec are you running? In 3.1 all tenacity pets get thunderstomp, Turtle stomp is gonna be awesome :)

Ejji Happens said...

Your big mount brings all the boys to the yard and I recall you said that Felix persist in saying Elleks can't jump :D. Fun times!

Starman said...

Felwood and The Hinterlands suck for questing. There's only one faction outpost on either side of Felwood and the quests take you further and further back.

Felwood's a bitch too. I skipped that whole area and went right to UC and Silithis. Nobody around.

Igoo said...

Don't forget to get friendly with AD in WPL, so you can do your AD rep turnins in EPL. 5 turnins is about 50K xp. All right from the AH if you don't have the stuff on a bank toon.

Alachia said...

@starman with the second flightpath added to felwood, I haven't had much troubles with the area yet. I like how everything is in clusters that move north along the entire zone. PLUS...I might get a little oozling!! well...I can dream. :D

@igoo I got my crypt fiend parts and savage fronds and such just waiting. :D

@jack damnright! it's bigger than yarrrrrs!

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