Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WoW 'Hammer on the 'Head!

"Desperately trying to hang on to its fading grasp on the fallen WoW community."

What is Warhammer?

"That is correct!"-Alex Trebek

"Can't Compare" for 800 please.


Unknown said...

What a horrible ad. Never knew Wowhead had ads like that, thanks adblock!

Dalmore said...

The funny thing is all my friends who don't play WoW and have never left Daoc went to Warhammer. That lasted a couple months they said more people are back playing Daoc and canceled their WH accounts.

Justinias Vallas, Hand of Iomedae said...

I guess the end game can be a bit monotonous from what I hear, but overall the game experience is a lot of fun. A handful of my guildies just reactivated or signed up for WAR accounts just because our WoW raiding "week" only takes a single night now, and the PvP in WAR is just a lot more fun than it is in WoW; especially at lower levels. If they ever fully realize their end game, then I have no doubt that it will carve a lasting niche in the MMO community. After all, why else would Blizzard assimilate so many of its ideas into WoW if it didn't have anything great to offer?

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