Tuesday, June 12, 2007

9 freaking points

We weren't sure if we'd get our 10 games in tonight for our 5v5 matches.
Sadin and Taint are both on a really harsh deadline at work and have been working til' 1am every night.

So I asked Terrer to sub in to play his warrior for our matches this week. We did very well. We kept seeing the same combo of classes over and over again. Pally, Shammy, Warrior, Warrior, Priest. OR Mage, Mage, Priest, Pally, Warrior.

It was the double warrior team that seriously blew us up. They'd just zone in on me and KABOOOM!!! splat! hahaha. But for the times I went untouched, we did fairly well. Never leave me to my devices. :) mwhahahah.

So we got to 1890...we were going to play one more game to break the 1900 ceiling. We are winning our last game when Terrer says "Watch, we're only going ot get 9 points"..

...we got 9 points.


He said he had to log but I made him play one more game to make up for his jinx. But we lost to the double warrior team again and lost like 15 points and called it a night. hehe... go figure!


Unknown said...

You are working hard to get those arena points.. don't give up !

Good luck !

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